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We are Compleeeeeeete!!!!!!!!!

We finally found the missing pieces of the equation in true John Nash style. With the unequivocal help of craigslist, we landed a singer that suits us far better than we had hoped, and a drummer that plays far better than we deserve. Sarah Monroe's vocals are reminding us that it is in our nature to push the boundaries of what we can do as a group, and we have expanded ourselves accordingly. We all sing and play this stuff at the same time now; our practice ethic on the constant rise. Her particular mid range rasp fills out the punk side of ourselves in a way that our sweep picking could not really accomplish. We have made her family, and so should you. We are coming to your place for Thanksgiving.

Craigslist struck twice this year and found us our human metronome, Stephen Addison, a drummer who cares about quality of performance as much as we do. Stephen lives out in Melbourne and his willingness to make the hour commute to practice each week is exemplary. This is a guy that prints out pages and pages of sheet music to reference as he plays, ardent in holding his own amongst our triumphant cacophony. Daniel Blume would be proud.

I have posted some pics underneath that we made them take in order to poke fun at them on the internet. Enjoy!

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