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And back to the studio we go

With the turn of the decade behind us, a new ambition is calling. Being the uber-nerds that we are, we decided our favorite themes from our fandoms would sound really cool if we made them Backstabberpunk songs. Who has ever listened to the Chocobo theme from Final Fantasy and not thought to themselves, "This would be better with intense guitars, fast as hell drums, and bass thumps powerful enough to bring down buildings?" Not us, dear reader, not us. So, as you go about this new year being amazing and nailing all those New Year Resolutions, rest assured we will be hard at work bringing Dive bomb guitars to the Doctor Who theme, Bass tapping to the Fallout intro, and that oh-so-tastey double kick to the 1960's Star Trek theme. We can't wait to bring you what we envision for the year. Keep us in your hearts dear reader, and we will keep you in our plans for sonic excellence.

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