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Get all the latest Backstabber Punk news including events, music announcements, tour dates, and other happenings in the life of a busy and proactive Punk Rock Band. For exclusive, personal updates from Backstabber Punk you can also check out their blog. Stay up to date and never miss a musical moment.

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August 8th, 2019

It's Official! We are almost done with the new record and will be releasing it via digital streaming services, our soon to be operational online store, and of course at our shows on September 7th. We are even testing out mastering services through Joao Calverho who has worked on Protest the Hero's records in the past. As of now, it's sounds incredible. We cannot wait to hear your reactions and your voices joining ours from the stage. Keep eyes out for "Mademoiselle Dubreuillosaurus" from your friendly neighborhood Backstabberpunks on September 7th and join us at the Sanford Music Festival that same day!



April 18th, 2019

Good morning from your friendly neighborhood BackstabberPunks! We had the opportunity to play Delandapalooza 2019 this past weekend and, as expected, it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and the other amazing acts that performed. My favorite was Tef London, you should check them out immediately. Now that this show has come and gone, the focus shifts to finding a new drummer! We have some prospects and will be auditioning before we leave for tour in august. Our next album should be available this summer. We've been busy recording all the vocals to the existing tracks and I am happy to say, we are excited about the results.  If everything works out as planned, we may be coming to a town near you with new music in tow! We will keep you posted on your preferred social media as well as this section of our webpage. Be as amazing as we think you are!



Februrary 1, 2019

Hey folks! 

Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with us. If you've been following our Facebook page [] you may already know that our wonderful drummer Daniel had the opportunity to go on tour with the band Strung Out! Subsequently he has moved out to the west coast to continue being the kick ass drummer he has always been. Sadly that leaves us without a drummer. We are currently in search of someone to fill his mighty shoes. If that's you, send us a video of you drumming and try out for our band!

While we lost a drummer we did gain a vocalist in the wonderful Sarah Monroe! Currently we are adding vocals to the 1st album for you and also working on recording the 2nd album. We also hope to hit the road this summer and see what the rest of the East Coast thinks of us! 

See you soon!



August 21, 2018

We Backstabber Punks had the honor and privilege of performing as a musical guest on The Lowdown on the Afrotainment Channel! The host James Yon, is just a supernaturally talented comedian and on air talent. When we watched the interview segment of the show they did everything in 1 take! make sure to check him out at

You can check out our performance on his show by clicking the link below

henao show.jpg


June 25, 2018

We are proud to announce we will be sharing the stage with our friends Electric Dawn at the Henao Contemporary Center. The HCC is a traditional gallery space which hosts all kinds of neat art events ranging from paintings & poetry to music. Come out and help us celebrate the arts!

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June 8, 2018

June 8th we returned to our motherland, The Haven Lounge in Winter Park, FL supporting Devil's Envy. Everybody put on such a great show! It seems like we're picking up a little bit of steam in our community and it feels wonderful. It seems like people care about what we do and we suuuper appreciate you all! Now that we are gaining some attention I suppose it's time to actually get you folks some merch you can take home. We hear you and we are working on it now!

Peace, love, and puuuuuuunk!



May 23, 2018

We played a show at Will's Pub on a rainy Monday night in Orlando. Even though it was late and people had to work, we still had a great crowd! Our Fans are the best! Work nor weather stopped them from coming out. We love you folks and it's your faces that keep us rockin'!
If you want to see some pictures and read more about it the folks at The Orlando Weekly decided to do a write up on our last show! Check it out here

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April 11, 2018

Hello everybody! We decided to go legit! We have a website now and you can find our music at all the cool places people buy music now. Look for us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Tidal, etc. 

Currently we are working on booking some shows to promote the album all while working on the next album. 

Wish us luck! 

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