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A Quick Look

It has been a long time coming. Orlando's own Backstabberpunk is no stranger to the struggle and complexity of a musician's path, shown clearly in the organized cacophony of the music they embody. Started in 2012 by an eccentric robotics student and a retired infantry marine, the band has come from the rural landscape of western Pennsylvania to the tourist metropolis of Orlando Florida, all the while adding unique and colorful voices to it's chorus. Inspired by classical composers like Nobuo Uematsu and Sergei Rachmoninoff, the band aspired to produce quality instrumental music on par with acts like Animals as Leaders or Vitalism, but with a much more punk-rock edge. Thus, the band began playing for audiences left astounded by their 6-stringed wizardry, yet still wanting for that human touch that only a catchy, sing-along chorus can provide. 2018 saw the incorporation of vocal melodies into the technical flourishes of the inseparable guitarists Brian Danger and Jonny B, transforming the once instrumental band into a full-fledged musical oxymoron: a highly technical punk rock band. Singer Sarah Monroe's vocals added foot tapping, mind trapping choruses following in the footsteps of the great punk bands like Bad Religion, Rise Against, and The Offspring as a counter to the progressive metal musings of Victor Randle, master of all things bass guitar. Inspired by the Human Abstract, Everytime I die, and Between the Buried and Me, Backstabberpunk utilizes musical genre almost like a MadLib, changing direction on a dime and in the most notes per unit time, creating something that cannot be described simply as the sum of it's parts. 6 months after long time drummer Daniel Blume was drafted for tour by national act Strung Out, the search for the final piece of the Backstabberpunk puzzle came to a perfect end with the inclusion of new drummer Stephen Addison, a human metronome and dedicated musician. Again whole, the band is shredding up a storm around Orlando, leaving Hi fives, good memories and ringing ears in her wake.

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