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Interview retrospective

We participated in a local Internet live show last night and told some fun Backstabberpunk stories that I hadn't thought about in a while. I also realized this project has a rich history that can't be understood at first glance and requires the stories we lived to be told in order to be remembered amid such changing times. We have had 4 drummers for God's sake. The first drummer of this band is named Pete Peters and he and I started this whole shebang with a guitarist named Will Halcolmb in a basement in rural western Pennsylvania. There is still a video of us playing the proto-version of Rudy in Pete's basement somewhere on the internet, maybe I'll see if I can find it. We were an instrumental band then, mostly due to not being able to find band mates. So the story I wanted to share is that of naming our first song "Godsped Rudy, You stupid Bastard". Pete lived in a small town that had relatively nothing going on in it, so when we would practice we would inevitably end up drinking and singing old emo songs, watching ridiculous movies, and recording. One night after practice we were watching "Zombies vs. Strippers 2" (this movie is gold if you're looking for a laugh). There is a scene where one of the less intelligent survivors of the initial zombie attack decides to leave the safety of the strip club our heroes shacked up in, of course, to save a girl he believes to be still alive. In zombie movie tradition, he gives a short explanation of his intended actions and receives a send off from the other survivors. The character's name is Rudy. His friend, watching him journey out into certain death, utters the phrase "Godspeed Rudy, You stupid Bastard" as he leaves. The moment Pete and I reach the end of this scene, Pete exclaims "That's the name of the song". Boom. Immortal.

Here's a video of Pete recording Drums to Rudy in 2012. Enjoy!!!

And here is a link to the interview that sparked this retrospective.

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